More About Amanda Nagl

Amanda Nagl

Founder/President, Unlocking Government

Amanda Nagl has led community conversations and engagement efforts in three of Colorado’s front-range cities as a professional problem solver, in local government, for almost 20 years.  She has more than a decade of experience focused on criminal justice reform, emphasizing community-based solutions and involvement, at local and state levels. 

She has worked in municipal departments ranging from police to planning to the city manager’s office.  Amanda has created and managed School Resource Officer programs and worked in schools through the development of student mediation and restorative discipline.  Her vision is a restorative community where all major institutions use the practice to keep people engaged and active in community; recognizing we are each both victim and offender, every day. 

Spurred by the desire to have an impact on healing divisions in US communities, Amanda transitioned to Bang the Table where her work has been to assist organizations in the creation of consistent, comprehensive community engagement strategies, utilizing online tools as a mechanism for inclusion. 

Amanda has created Unlocking Government as a place for bringing it all together—creating new curriculum and looking forward to partnering with local governments to unlock their potential.