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It’s Time to Create a Business Solutions Group

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It’s Time to Create a Business Solutions Group


This post is from an original article by the same name on and was written by Nick Kittle, Government Performance and Innovation Coach with Cartegraph and Brandi Rank, Business Solutions Administrator with Adams County, CO on August 24th 2018.

I am deeply honored to have had the opportunity to have collaborated on this article for ELGL with Brandi Rank. It really is time to talk about rethinking your “GIS” team concept. How we function as a team and develop solutions that impact those around us.  Please take the time to read the full article by clicking the link below. 

"It’s time to embrace the future and shake up traditional thinking, pool your talent, and focus on delivering amazing results. It’s time to develop your organization’s Business Solutions Group."

Read the full article here






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