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A government performance and innovation keynote speaker, coach, and former Chief Innovation Officer in government

Nick is the author of the best-selling government innovation book “Sustainovation: Building Sustainable Innovation in Government, One Wildly Creative Idea at a Time,” and has spent the last 15 years in government, most recently as a Chief Innovation Officer. He has won three national innovation awards and founded one of the first five government innovation offices in the country. During his government career, Nick directed 17 different divisions and developed over 65 unique or first-of-their-kind pilot projects while directly generating $7.8 M in savings and pioneering the concept of Innovation Value. Nick has founded innovation offices in a conservative city and a liberal county, as well as consulted across the country with cities like Kansas City, Austin and San Jose on government innovation, and has written extensively including pieces for the Harvard Government Innovators Network, Alliance for Innovation, and Governing Magazine.


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Nick speaks and trains across the country on building Sustainovation™, or sustainable innovation for government, and on creating high-performance government with Cartegraph. Nick is a dynamic TEDx speaker (Life 2.0), keynote, mentor and government performance and innovation coach from Colorado, delivering a powerful message—and in his main time, he is a father, husband, BBQ champ and avid disc golfer.